The Art of The Interview

taught by Michael O'Neal
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Michael O'Neal
Michael O'Neal
The Solopreneur Hour Podcast

About the Instructor

Known for his ability to "deep dive" with a guest in a casual, yet informative way, Michael O'Neal has been piloting The Solopreneur Hour - Job Security for the Unemployable, since August of 2013. Over 500 interviews and millions of downloads under his belt, Michael prides himself on creating deeper connections with his guests, and getting to the deep core of their success. Having studied broadcasting, rapport building, NLP, stand-up comedy, presentation, and interview techniques for 20+ years, Michael brings a lighter side to the world of modern business, while wrapping important learnable data in easy to remember (and reference) stories.

You know that part of the interview when you ask a really poignant question and your guest not only opens up with amazing content for your audience, but then recommends you to all of his a-list friends? How about hearing "wow, I've never been asked that before"? Or, as soon as the interview is over, your guest says "that was really great! Are you looking for other guests to interview? Then they open their rolodex to you.


The Art of The Interview spotlights our job as the host of the show, and how, if we do it well, more opportunities, business, and income will be the net result.  

This comprehensive course not only covers how to approach the microphone from a technical standpoint, but how to properly introduce a guest, how to integrate their websites, social media presence, and offerings, how to deal with a difficult (or "tight") guest, how to get EVERY guest to share your show, and so much more!


“Michael O'Neal is a master craftsman when it comes to interviews. If you want to discover the art of story, study everything Michael has to teach.”

Michael Stelzner, founder, Social Media Examiner

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“Michael has helped me with my show flow, interviewing style, and transformed me from a “wing it” interviewer…to a pro interviewer. As a result, I can confidently say that he has raised the profitability of Life on Fire TV.”

Nick Unsworth - Life on Fire

Nick Unsworth

“Michael is hands-down one of the best interviewers I’ve ever come across. I’ve done hundreds of interviews, and his are always memorable, fun, and interviews I want to share!”

Pat Flynn

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“No one is better equipped to teach the fine art of interviewing better than my friend Michael O'Neal”

Joel Comm

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Course Contents

5 Videos
21 Texts
1 Audio